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How it got started

For many years, people have to build PocketMine-MP 4 by installing Git and Composer, using PocketMine-MP 4 PHP binary from Azure and following the steps provided in BUILDING.md. This caused hassles, confusion and many time and resources being wasted.

On October 2020, KygekDev decided to make a tutorial video on how to build PocketMine-MP 4 on Windows, after seeing many people struggling to build PocketMine-MP 4. About two months later, he made a similar tutorial, but for Linux operating systems.

Even though he has made PocketMine-MP 4 tutorials, he noticed some people still faced with errors and asking for prebuilt PocketMine-MP 4 PHAR instead. Many Android users also started attempting to build PocketMine-MP 4, which is even more complex and requires special PHP binary compiled for Android operating systems.

KygekTeam Jenkins development

To solve these issues, KygekDev decided to make a prebuilt PocketMine-MP 4 PHAR, including the required custom PHP binary for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems. He uses Jenkins because other solutions requires access to the PocketMine-MP GitHub repository webhook settings. The project started on mid-August 2021. After many days dealing with various errors and issues, from Jenkins installation to Docker setup, and from compiling PHP to reverse proxy setup, he managed to successfully run an automated Jenkins system for PocketMine-MP 4.

After many steps of testing, on August 21th, 2021, KygekDev announced the release of KygekTeam Jenkins, which marks the starting point of easy installation of PocketMine-MP 4 for the first time in history. The Jenkins website can be accessed publicly via an URL: https://jenkins.kygekteam.org. This post was also released in the same day.

Future plans

As of writing this post, the KygekTeam Jenkins website is running fine. However, it may break whenever there are changes to APIs, such as Azure DevOps, AndroidPHP releases (yes, we’re dependent on AndroidPHP releases), and more. Therefore, we will try to monitor for any changes that may cause builds to fail and fix it as soon as possible for the convenience of our visitors.

There are various features planned to be added and changed in the KygekTeam Jenkins website, such as automated Docker image building, favicons, themes, KygekTeam logo, and much more. We are planning to slowly add these features in the coming days or weeks.

The PocketMine-MP 4 Docker image is also released and maintained by KygekTeam and can be accessed via Docker Hub. However, currently there is no known active users of the Docker image, and this caused us to no longer maintain the Docker image in order to save resources. Building the Docker image requires considerable amount of resources and time, because it requires us to compile PHP from zero whenever we build a new Docker image. Even so, we are planning to make automated Docker image building using Jenkins if it’s gaining popularity sometime in the future, as of writing this post.


If you want to report for any errors, mistakes or other issues, or you want to give us a feedback, feel free to join our Discord server, because we are ready to help you at any times.

Author: KygekDev

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